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Heart, Home, and Community
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Branding & website for Heart, Home, & Community

Heart, Home, & Community is an organization connecting neighbors, businesses, and non-profits in Baldwinsville, New York. HHC’s founder, Shelley Hoffman, needed guidance with articulating what her group did and then translating that into an easy-to-use website.

The project began with understanding HHC’s core audience and their needs. From there, I crafted a brand identity, including HHC’s mission, vision, and values, and presented several visual approaches. The project culminated with this WordPress-based website built with easy updates in mind.

Click on the hotspots on the mood board below for insight into some of the major design decisions, and see the full site here.

HHC’s Brand Identity Board

Baldwinsville is associated with bold red and white, the school colors. Starting there, I created a slightly modernized palette and added blues to anchor. The combo still says “Baldwinsville” while not distracting from the website’s content.
The overall post design for the website’s blog is simple, allowing the colorful, community-centric content to shine.