Began personal project to play with visual design and typography using a subject I’m interested in – contagious disease
Purposely chose to use offset, mismatched angles to add discord
Playing with typography – size, color, font, weight – to add visual interest
Designer, researcher
Personal project
Project type

Rabies: Part 1 in a series on preventable disease infographics

As a part-time designer, I was looking for a personal project that would allow me to sharpen my visual design skills between paid projects. Preventative disease has long been an interest of mine, so this series of disease-related infographics was born.

In this piece, I played with the idea of an ancient disease that is still part of our modern world, leading me to juxtapose vintage illustrations with modern design elements. Bold, sometimes dissonant typography helps tell the story of this virus’s impact on people, and using overlapping and oversized elements as well as mismatched angles serves to up the sense of discord or discomfort.

See the image above with hotspots to dive into the details, and see the full graphic below.

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