Progressive Coders’ Network
Project type
Graphic design

Social graphics via Adobe Spark

For fast-approaching virtual conference, Progressive Coders Network needed 30+ social graphics created. However, I was on my way out of town and no other designers were available; we needed a fast, easy-to-use solution that non-designer volunteers could use on their own. I created a layout in Adobe Spark that matched their brand guidelines and shared the settings with the team, thereby empowering them to create their own assets. It was a scalable, teach-a-man-to-fish solution that made everyone happy!

Click on the hotspots in the image below to get a breakdown of the process.

Followed the brand guidelines to create a vibrant, simple layout
Communicated all design settings in Adobe Spark to the volunteer who was to create the graphics (and submitted a feature request to Adobe Spark to incorporate project sharing!)
Used placeholder text to direct the volunteer what info should live where