Project type
Web design

Consulting Website – Online Learning

Potential leads for this consulting business tend to be highly motivated but overwhelmed by the effort it takes to create an online course, so I created a brand message that focuses on the idea of the consultant as a guide with the ability to simplify the process. As an anchor for this consulting business, I created a web presence that reinforced that brand message and feels modern and credible yet also friendly and simple. My design, therefore, uses bold color and simple fonts, a hero image with direct eye line, and a very clean layout.

Check out the hotspots on the pricing page below to see some of my design choices, and see the full site here.

To embody the modern but friendly look I was aiming for, I chose bright, bold colors paired with an easy-to-read, clean san serif font.
For this pricing page, kept all other info as minimal as possible to keep users’ focus on central cards displaying package offers. Highlighted preferred package in the middle and with interest bar on top.