Included guidelines for visuals – colors, typography, logo useage – as well as voice and language
Purposely put rationale for design choices front and center to encourage PCN’s volunteer designers to fully engage with and relate to the org’s identity
Curated design choices made across dozens of assets and pages created by multiple designers
Progressive Coders’ Network
In use
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Brand identity guidelines

Brand Identity Guidelines – Progressive Coders’ Network

Progressive Coders’ Network is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Soon after joining, I realized that the democratic nature of their group meant they lacked guiding principles for their designers, developers, and content creators. I pitched the idea to the leadership group, who were thrilled, then lead a discovery session to clarify their voice and vision. The document includes guidelines for:

  • Color and gradients
  • Typography
  • Voice and language
  • Logo useage
  • Buttons and inputs

Through several iterations, I developed these brand guidelines to streamline their design process and unify their brand identity. These guidelines are currently in use and live in a central repository with all core assets. While I haven’t had the chance to work within a design system, I’m eager to do so and learn more about best practices related to volunteer-led groups.